Balance clinic_AWR6558We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive specialised experience in dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders. We have close links with Neurology, Cardiology, Elderly Medicine and Physiotherapy.

An initial assessment is carried out where a detailed history is taken from the patient.

A comprehensive balance examination will be performed and a hearing test may be carried out. Specialist investigations such as vestibular function tests, video head impulse testing and vestibular evoked myogenic potential testing may be performed at the same/separate visit.

Each patient receives an individual care plan at the end of their first clinic visit.

The balance team consists of

Mr Doshi  (ENT Consultant)

Mr Fahmy (ENT Associate Specialist)

Joanne Parsons (Senior audiologist)

Michelle Cliff (Senior Audiologist)

Mark Quigley (Audiologist)

Tabassan Maqsood (Audiologist)

Oren Pierart (Senior Physiotherapist)

Further information can be obtained at the hearing centre website