There are various options for improving hearing in those who are struggling to hear well. The options available include conventional digital hearing aids, operations to rebuild the bones of hearing and a BAHA. The best choice to improve hearing is entirely dependent on the cause of the hearing loss. This assessment is best undertaken in an ENT clinic.

The BAHA has two components; An implant and sound processor. The implant can be inserted into the skull through the skin or under the scalp (depending on the hearing loss)

Patients who may be candidates include those who can’t wear conventional hearing aids due to ongoing discharge or irritation, previous mastoid or middle ear disease surgery (with affected hearing) and those who can only hear in one ear (whatever the cause).

Patients undergo a full assessment to ascertain whether they are suitable for this hearing restoration surgery. (A short procedure undertaken as a day case under local anaesthetic).

Patients are seen in the BAHA specialist clinic, sent for audiology assessment including a 2  week trial of a “bone-conductor on a head band”

Direct  GP referrals to Mr Jayesh Doshi (from GP, audiology or other consultant)

The BAHA team consists of

Jayesh Doshi (ENT Consultant)
Alison Quigley & Nohsheen Begum (BAHA Audiologists)
Maxine Brine & Nikki Sanderson (BAHA specialist nurse)

Fax number 0121 424 1353