How to Refer and Case Acceptance at Orthodontic Department Solihull Hospital

Patients with following malocclusions are accepted  for treatment at Solihull hospital.

  • Patients requiring multidisciplinary care, i.e.:
    • Patients with marked skeletal problems requiring orthognathic surgery
    • with ectopic teeth, especiallycanines & incisors
    •  requiring orthodontic preparation for restorative work such as implants or bridges
  • Patients whose treatment is complicated by
    • Pathology
    • Trauma
    • Medically compromised
  • Transfers from other NHS Hospital Orthodontic Service departments only
  • Orthodontist in primary can refer patients for advice and guidance for complex cases


National guidelines are provided below. Based on these mainly 3b category and a small number patients  from 3a are accepted for treatment in the department.

SOL ENT assessment

Referral contact address:

Solihull Hospital

Mr B S Thind

Orthodontic Department

Solihull Hospital

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Lode Lane


B91 2JL

Telephone: 0121 424 5310/5307