Head & Neck Clinic

A comprehensive head and neck service is provided within the department. This consists of rapid access clinics (for 2 week pathway referrals), weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings and head & neck clinics.

The head and neck team consist of consultant ENT surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, histopathologists, advanced nurse practioners, speech and language therapists, dietitians and a MDT co-ordinator.

Consultant ENT Surgeons

Mr Ahmad, Mr Griffiths, Miss Siddiq, Mr De

Consultant Oncologists

Dr Good, Dr Hartley

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Henderson, Dr Shimal, Dr Vasthava, Dr Abulaban

Consultant Histopathologists

Dr Colloby, Dr Naidoo

Speech and Language Therapists

Faye Moffat, Marina Maramao, Nicola Pargeter


Fiona Simmons

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Kathryn Markham, Helen Lodhi, Shayne Phillips (support nurse)

MDT co-ordinator

Holly Curley